Beer Guide

The "new and improved" ktelontour beer-o-meter/beer guide Mk VIII .

As we wend our way around this incredible planet, one thing remains constant; the need to imbibe beer.  With no particular concern for our personal safety or sanity, we have drunk brews in all the countries we’ve visited and have listed the cheapest pints we came across.  All comparisons were made from hazy memory, empty pockets and are the approximate prices in GBP (£) for a pint (~ 500 ml).

NOTE:  Prices may have gone up since we last visited and fluctuating exchange rates will also influence costs, but we are simply reporting back at the time of our stay.

(All beers priced under a measly quid- the ultimate finds.) 

Slovakia; Nitra 
Myanmar; Mandalay: 
Cambodia; Siem Reap:  £0.47
Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh City 
Borneo (Malaysia); Labuan:
Philippines; Manila 
Poland; Oliwa:
Serbia; Kraljevo
Sri Lanka; Negombo 
Bosnia, Sarajevo 
Laos; Vientiane 
Macau; Macau 
India; Calangute 
Montenegro; Herzig Novi 
Nicaragua; San Juan del Sur £0.95

(Not quite the "A" Team but prices are in the "acceptable" range, below £2.00.) 

Thailand; Bangkok 
Turkey; Bodrum:  
Macedonia; Skopje:  
Croatia; Fazana:  
China; Guilin:  
Greece; Porto Heli:  
Falkland Islands; (Port) Stanley:  £1.30
Uruguay; Fray Bentos:  £1.33
Slovenia; Izola:  £1.40
Indonesia; Bali:  
Argentina; Buenos Aires:  £1.64
TaiwanTaipei:  £1.75
South Korea; Seoul:
Brazil; Rio:  £1.73
USASan Francisco:
MexicoCabo san Lucas:  £1.89
EcuadorManta:  £1.89
PeruMiraflores:  £1.89
Costa Rica; Puntarenas:  £1.96 
Germany; Bielefeld:

(Greedy countries that feel it is OK to charge over two quid for beer.  It's not.  Ever.)

Australia; Generally:  £5.00 
Italy; Venice 
Switzerland; Geneva 
Canada; Toronto:  £4.06
Holland; Amsterdam:  £3.80 
Barbados; Bridgetown 
France; Morzine:  £3.63
Austria; Salzburg:  
New Zealand; Generally: 
Antigua; St John’s:  £3.13
Singapore; Singapore:  £3.00
Guatemala; Puerto Quetzal:  £2.84
Japan; Tokyo:  
England; Leigh on Sea:  £2.65 
Malaysia; Georgetown:  £2.40
Belgium; Brussels: £2.39
Hong Kong; Hong Kong:  £2.20
Hungary; Budapest £2.20
Brunei; BSB 
£?  No alcohol permitted in the country but one is allowed to bring in a limited supply of duty free beer.  Which we did.  :o)