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We were becoming more and more disillusioned by Labour’s unchecked efforts of running the country into the ground and finally, having got rid of the odious BLiar we were expected to endure that bumbling oaf McBroon instead. Enough was enough and we had to take drastic action and leave the country- a place we’d lived in for forty years. 

Not having kids (through choice) made things much easier and within six months of taking the decision to jump the sinking ship, we’d jacked the jobs, sold all of our stuff and rented the house out. Our date for departure was set for 1st April, 2006, but this time the joke was not going to be on us anymore.
We had a vague notion that we wanted to see the entire world before it imploded and there was nothing left standing. However, there was no itinerary, no agenda and no fixed idea of how we could achieve this. We had but one simple plan; stay if we liked a place, move on if we didn’t.  Or when the visas ran out.

You'll need to dig deep, but there are some travel related bits amongst the shite on here- honest... 
We Are

    k'telontour blurk is:                                       k'telontour burd is:
       cute, loveable, generous, dashingly                                                                            clever, sexy, beer drinking Geordie.
      handsome and a big, fat liar                                                                                          Swears a lot too...

So far we have lived in/visited:
Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia & Italy.
Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia & Greece.
Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Malaysia.
Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Laos, Borneo & Brunei.
Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Philippines & Taiwan.
India, Sri Lanka, England, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria & Serbia.
South Korea, America, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile & Argentina.
Uruguay, Brazil, Barbados, Antigua, Canada, Japan, UK, Netherlands, Belgium & Germany.
{2014 - 20??}
We've now both reached the official "retirement" age (50 +) required for an annual visa in Thailand. We love it here so much that we now have a little condo and have reigned in our travels for a while. Rest assured though, we will be back on the road at some point as we haven’t even touched the African continent yet and fully intend to reach 100 different countries.  I think we’re currently stuck on 85 or so.
However, until then the Blog will still be available and updated daily-ish, so hopefully you will find something to get you through your day.

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