Friday, 4 August 2017

That Makes Sense

A few years back, wifey was looking around for a present for Matthew, Helen and Mark's son. Not sure how old he was then, but under 10 and it's quite hard to think of something suitable when on the road.

It was while in Cambodia she came across a copy of "Tin Tin in Thailand" which seemed most suitable as this is where we lived and which little boy doesn't like Tin Tin?  Not that I had heard about that adventure before- and I thought I had all of them.

A copy was duly dispatched and we forgot all about it until many months later, H mentioned the book to wifey and informed her it was quite unsuitable for her son and had to confiscate it.  Eh?  How can Tin Tin not be appropriate?

Bad language and risky plot lines seemed to be the main reasons and it's not been until just now that I have found out why.

Next post explains...

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