Friday, 4 August 2017

Speaking of Chang Chicks

As you'll know, in some of the night markets and bars we get brewery reps trying to entice you to drink their beers.  As usual, these reps are impossibly pretty ladies that go around in their skin tight uniforms, smiling as sweetly as they can in the hope you'll switch brands.

We just heard recently that three such unfortunate ladies got arrested for doing their job as current laws of the 2008 Alcohol Control Act are being strictly enforced in some parts of the country.  Apparently, local officials in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, called a meeting of media and hospitality industry representatives to outline the draconian curbs on alcohol promotion.

All drinking, they said, was to stop at midnight. Advertising and happy hours were to be banned; promotional staff could no longer serve beer while wearing branded uniforms; glasses, ashtrays and any other items sporting brewery, winery and distillery logos were to be removed. Even decorating a pub or trattoria with empty bottles could mean six months in gaol- as could “verbal promotion” of alcohol, which could be something as innocuous as a sommelier telling you which wine to try.

That all sounds a bit grim but maybe the sign of the times ahead?

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