Thursday, 10 August 2017

Right Royal Rip Off

We all know airports pile on the cost of food and drink to cover their overheads and make obscene profits.  It doesn't help that not only are you a captive market but you are not permitted to take your own drinks through either.

As usual a tin of Coke Zero was marked up at an eye-watering THB 45- non-air side it is a mere THB 15 or so in the 7/11 or Family Marts.

But we're old hands at this and know of one shop that is so fair it's untrue and I always feel like I am cheating them.  They charge just THB 16 per tin and we always stock up for the long flight back.

And I ain't sharing it with you for fear that stocks will get bought out or they catch on.  😀

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