Thursday, 10 August 2017

Pay as You Go

In fact (as cousin Jan had pointed out to us prior to take off) Euro Wings charge for everything, taking a leaf out of Ryanair/EasyJet's books.  To unlock the "entertainment" screen you had to swipe your credit card through for 10€ (and you only got half a dozen films at the most), all drinks were 2.50 as mentioned and the snacks were horrendously dear.  You got no blanket or pillow (cost extra) but you did get to use the bog for free, even if one was out of order leaving us with just three throughout the flight.

But all that aside, we were fine as we had bought a "smart ticket" which enabled us to a hot meal and drink and then a snack and drink on the house/plane.  But for some reason they didn't even offer apple juice, the most popular fruit juice in the world.

Orange was available, which many think is the world's favourite but it's not.  More apple juice is drunk then orange.

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