Tuesday, 1 August 2017

New Look Rules

Getting to Immigration was fine, the usual 40 minutes on the BTS plus 30 - 40 minutes in the cab, as was the queue (same spot as near as dammit with a 45 minute wait for the doors to open) but the authorities had added yet another large sign to peruse while waiting.  Dress code.

I began to sweat as they had clear pictures and guidelines of what was considered "polite clothing" to wear while at the offices.  I was only wearing three items of clothing as it was and all three failed...
  • shoulders must be covered- I had a sleeveless T
  • knees to be covered- I had on shorts
  • proper footwear- I was in flappers
There were several more examples of what not to wear, more for the ladies (no showing the waist, mini skirts were also frowned upon) but I was screwed.

It was akin to visiting any of the holy temples and shrines in this country and a mark of respect, but I had no idea when these new regulations were introduced and I was fearing the worst.  Would I even get in?

Fortunately I did, but it was a most uncomfortable wait and I will of course comply with the new rules on subsequent visits now that I know.

That aside, I picked ticket #21 and was out just shortly after 09:00.

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