Sunday, 13 August 2017

Logging On Part 2

I returned with the second computer and this time watched what was going on.  Precisely nothing as the gadgy opened up Chrome and got the same message saying there was a fault with the log on page.

I pointed this out to the twat who insisted it was our problem and he still maintained it was.  I was now starting to get annoyed but bit my tongue and watched as all browsers were opened in turn, including IE (now re-termed "Edge") with the same result.

He then said another lady had had problems the night before and so I asked why no one had looked into the situation if it had already occurred?  You know what he said?

Why? We have only had two people complain out of over 220.

I pointed out that it was in fact three in 24 hours and how did he know all 220 previous guests had laptops with them?  Judging by the other guest most were elderly or ramblers/cyclists who wouldn't know one end of a computer from another.

He deigned to comment and so I said we were wasting enough time but at least we had one laptop that was on- line and that would have to suffice.  I haven't seen him since and that's probably best for both of us.

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