Sunday, 13 August 2017

Logging On Part 1

At Reception we were told it was easy to access the internet and there was no password needed.   Unpacking our laptops it was obvious we weren't getting through and there was a fault.

I took one lappie back downstairs and was pompously informed the hotel was not at fault but our equipment.  Erm no, we have two top of the range computers and neither are getting through, so the fault must lie with the provider- you.

The guy then said they had no control over the signal as it comes direct from their parent company in Switzerland and all was well as their desk top was getting access.

I was finding it hard to be calm at his attitude but a colleague came out and began to fiddle with our laptop while I asked the other chap to at least re-set the router as this is usually the problem.  Again the haughty response was that they are not allowed to re-set anything and any problems would be taken care of directly from Switzerland.

I am not sure what was grating more, his lack of interest or willingness to even help, or his disdain for a customer with a problem.  What happened to "the customer is always right"?

Fortunately, by this  point something had clicked and we had got through but when I asked the man what he had done, he was just vague and told me to bring our other laptop down and he would "fix it."

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