Friday, 11 August 2017

Koln to Sankt Goar

Again we let the train take the strain with a direct two hour journey at 27€ per person.  As ever it was bang on time but we did have to move carriages as with most rural German trains, they like to split them up and go their different ways.

My only question was why they didn't tell us that at the beginning of the trip?

We had fun along the way watching the scenery get better and better as the weather got worse.  Aye, we're barely hitting 20 C and it's not been dry at all.  Very happy with my North Face fleece which has kept me dry and toasty.

NOTE:  Some trains are designated to take bikes on and have special areas to leave them to be safely secured.  We had no idea and though it was for large baggage and so dropped our stuff there.  We miserable couple got extremely unhappy as they couldn't get there bikes in a grumbled non stop until we moved them.

It was hardly a problem and a bit unfair to bitch on at someone who simply didn't know.  Luckily the couple we had been chatting to just laughed and said we could put our bags in front of their bikes.  Nice people and very friendly.

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