Sunday, 6 August 2017

How's Your Luck?

Francois has been riding his Yamaha R15 for two months, commuting to work on his hired bike every day.  Yesterday he was due to return the machine as he is buying his own today but it was still quite a ride across town through mental traffic.

He rang me afterwards to let me know all went well without problem.  Mostly.

He got stopped by Plod a few miles away from the hire company, the first time he has been pulled.  You just couldn't make it up, could you?  The very day he was delivering the bike back.

Luckily his Thai girlfriend was driving behind to give him a lift back and she "persuaded" the Copper to reduce his fine.  It went from THB 400 to THB 300.  That's about £7.

A measly seven sovs- but he had done nothing wrong in the first place.

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