Friday, 11 August 2017

First Night back in Germany

We transferred from the airport to town centre of Koln via DB (Deutsche Bahn) in 15 minutes at a cost of 2.80€ and found our "hotel" readily enough.  We knew it wasn't a 5* joint but even the approach hinted at "seedy" as the area looked a little rough.

To be fair it was OK but not worth 74€- I'd have given them 20€.

The room was ridiculously small and everything was dated and run down.  The bed was even smaller, the only bedside lamp had a blown bulb and it was dark and dingy.

The bathroom was surprisingly new and the shower was good but we made do as it was only for one night.

What really pissed me off though was the gadgy at Reception who didn't bother to mention there was a lift, which I only discovered by chance having heaved all of our bags up two flights of stairs.  I wasn't impressed.

Breakfast was superb to look at but was so full people were eating at the bar.  We didn't bother bar a quick fruit juice and coffee for wifey.

Full write up for TripAdvisor in due course with a sneak preview for here first.

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