Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Wonder Woman

It may have been 20 - 30 minutes too long for my attention span but it was very good indeed.  It's pretty much the usual run-of-the-mill super hero(ine) stuff but the sets are lavish, the acting is bang on and the stunts/effects are flawless.

But one thing I didn't get was the hazy history and lack of detail to the period it was set in.  Why was there an American spy reporting to British intelligence when America didn't partake in the 1st World War, why did they say the war had killed (I think) 400 million people (it was 50 - 80 million), why make reference to Hitler (second world war), why was it set in the 1st WW when Wonder Woman was always in the second- in the comics.

The list goes on, it just didn't make sense.   But the film was fun to watch.

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