Sunday, 9 July 2017

Utter Bastards

Alitalia, yes it's you I'm talking about.

We had booked up flights to Rome from Trieste to take off at 11:00 next month but yesterday they said that was now cancelled and we would be leaving at 07:00.

Erm, no that is not convenient.  If we wanted to leave with a sparrow's fart, we would have booked it for that time, you tossers.

For us to make check-in time we would have to leave Izola at 03:00 in the morning (probably earlier) as public transport does not start at that ludicrous hour and so we are screwed.  We will have to cancel our entire trip to Rome now and lose our 355€ as we have already paid for the tickets.

The idea was to fly to Italy to surprise my brother who will be in Rome for a family holiday. It was meant to make up for the fact we couldn't make his 50th in London in October as we will be in Germany for both aunts' 75th and 80th birthdays and we had arranged this years back.

Now the whole surprise is shot to shit and we're well out of pocket.  Not a happy pixie at all.  😠

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