Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Saint- Again

Loved the books, so too Roger Moore's version of the gentleman thief, Ian Ogilvy's attempt wasn't too bad in the re-make but Val Kilmer's movie, which promised so much was well off the mark.

As is the 2017 attempt to try and the Saint onto the big screen.

There is no soul in this film and it is certainly no where my imagination of Templar from the books.  I did not have Adam Rayer as the hero and his double team tag match with a lady side kick is just nonsense.

The only nice touch was having both Ogilvy and Moore (albeit briefly for Roger) in the film which is fine to watch on a dull afternoon but don't expect fireworks, any mental stimulation or an increase in pulse rate.  And it's not worth opening a bag of popcorn for either.

Only for die hard fans and they too will be disappointed at once more not utilising the full potential.

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