Saturday, 29 July 2017

Southend News Network

A spokesperson for Warner Bros. has confirmed that Lethal Weapon 5 will be hitting cinema screens in Summer 2019.
Speculation has been rife since the two actors were spotted together watching tennis together at Wimbledon recently.
The studios Executive VP Of Film Development Of Movies Marshall Kapowovitz told Southend News Network that he was ‘delighted’ at the prospect of Danny Glover and Mel Gibson reuniting once again.
He said: ‘These are fantastic times for the movie industry – both stars are already in physio and raring to go with filming scheduled for fall, or leafy droppy time as you Brits call it.’
‘The plot of the new film is under wraps at the moment, but all we can say is that both characters have undergone a huge transformation since the last instalment of the series.’
‘As opposed to getting involved in the violent fight scenes directly, Glover prefers to stand to one side and deliver a commentary to camera.’
‘We can’t give too much away about Gibson’s character other than that he seems to be a bit weird – we can’t really put our finger on it.’
‘Both actors had to audition for the role as is traditional, and Gibson specifically requested that we spray him with a hose while he serenaded us with Christian music.’
‘To be fair, this is pretty standard behaviour for him.’
It’s been an exciting few months for the movie business, as this news comes so soon after it was confirmed that Idris Elba will be playing Nigel Farage in an upcoming biopic about the ex-Leader of UKIP.

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