Friday, 21 July 2017

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A source at the BBC has revealed that filming of the new series of Doctor Who has been SUSPENDED after the new Timelord Jodie Whittaker has been unable to park the Tardis.
According to our contact within the corporation, this is the second incident to stop filming in two days after Whittaker also complained that the interior of the Tardis was ‘just awful.’
He said: ‘We began filming a number of months ago while the identity of the new Doctor was kept a closely guarded secret, but it became clear soon after Jodie arrived that she was having a few problems getting the Tardis parked properly.’
‘We got our team to add some larger wing mirrors and those sensors that beep as you get close to a stationary object, but she still managed to scrape Davros’ 1968 custom restored Ford Cortina – he went apeshit.’
News of Whittaker’s casting as the thirteenth Timelord led to huge reaction on social media, with some members of the viewing public outraged that the BBC had become ‘obsessed with diversity.’
One poster called Daniel Miso-GĂ©nisto said: ‘It’s political correctness gone bloody mad – whatever will they come up with next?’
‘I wouldn’t be surprised if the next James Bond is black, and I mean proper black like Ghana or something with a funny accent and he or she will probably be gender fluid or transatlantic as well and disabled and bisexual and homosexual and straight and asexual.’
‘I mean I’ve never actually watched the show myself, but it’s a fucking outrage.’

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