Friday, 28 July 2017

So That's All Right Then

A £750 000 Cartier diamond ring which had gone "missing" from the British Museum in 2011, when it was reported to Plod, has only now been registered as "lost".  Its disappearance was revealed with the publication of museum's annual accounts, where its cost has been written off.  Some fluffy gobshite said it was museum procedure to report losses five years after discovering a missing piece.

"The ring was found missing from its proper location by British Museum staff in August 2011. British Museum procedure, as agreed by trustees, requires the ring formally to be reported as lost five years after the initial discovery of its absence.

The museum has since reviewed its security and collections management procedures and dedicated significant investment to improved security across the estate."

So £75 large disappears, Dibble find nowt in six years and the Museum "review" procedures.  No wonder the Greeks want their marbles back.  Perhaps they should drop in and help themselves; there doesn't seem to be much stopping them...


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