Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Pixie Fingers

Our delightful Khun Ayr has done a splendid job of cleaning up the pad but on occasion she is slightly vigorous, which could be a cause for concern.  She has been politely requested to keep well away from my stack of electrical gear and wifey's doll's house and she does, so all is well.

It didn't occur to me that there is now another potential for danger- our new XBox 360.

It shouldn't be a problem but it does have one of these sensitive touch on/off buttons which powers up the unit instantly with the merest brush of a finger/duster.

We got back a little later than usual and I noticed the games console on, so I checked to see if all was well by putting on the new telly.  I got the shock of my life.  The entire screen was red and it had strings of code almost half way down.  I swear I saw the words "danger", "fault" and other scary messages.

Powering down didn't help but in the end, after much panic, I pulled out all the cables and started from scratch.  Thankfully that did the trick and we can now add another part of the condo where Khun Ayr can keep her feather duster well away from.

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