Saturday, 22 July 2017

Morning After Pill

I don't give a stuff that Boots want to make profit from the after morning pill and the anguish women/girls go through if they are caught out, greedy bastards though they are.  Boots do not have a monopoly on the drug and there are alternatives to source the tablets at a far better price.

Nor do I care that Anna Soubry, the Conservative MP for Broxtowe (where the Boots headquarters is located), will be "writing to the company asking it to make clear its reasons for not reducing prices".  Erm, none of your business.  Why does a private company have to justify its pricing structure to anyone?

But I will point out this:

  • Cost of the pill at Boots- £28.25 for Levonelle (leading brand) and £26.75 for its own generic version
  • Cost of the pill at Tesco-£13.50 for Levonelle
  • Cost of the pill at Superdrug- £13.49 
  • Cost of the pill in France- £5.50
If there is an outrage, let it be directed at the cost of all pharmaceuticals in the UK.  Wouldn't that be an interesting inquiry?


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