Tuesday, 4 July 2017

More Notices

Since the takeover of our new maintenance and administration team we have been inundated with "polite" requests not to do things that we have happily been doing since we first started to live here.

First we were forbidden to leave our footwear on our own doorsteps, then we were advised of new pool regulations, followed by another notice demanding that we do not leave the main doors open or allow strangers into the g foyer.

The latest one is the best of the lot.

We have been advised that flowers and greenery are spoiling the appearance of the condos and the same goes for hanging your washing out on the balcony.

They don't offer any comment on why our condos all have concrete flower beds (filled with soil and an automatic irrigation system) or that they offer a gardening service (at a price, of course).

Nor do they suggest how we are expected to dry our clothes without paying for the one drier they provide for the entire block.

I expect there is a lot lost in translation but I shall be carrying on regardless by hanging towels and clothes out on the balcony to dry.  I do hope they won't try to send anyone up to discuss the matter as I have no wish to upset anyone but it needs to be pointed out that they started this and should leave things as they have been for the past two years.

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