Friday, 28 July 2017

Monster Games

After my buying spree at the games shop I finally got around to looking at what I purchased.  I do recall that among the list of "must haves" (now "do haves") I was recommended several titles by the guys in the store.  Being a complete newbie yet wanting to be polite I didn't let my ignorance stop me from agreeing to buy a few games I had no idea what they were about.  I am rather pleased I listened to the lads as everyone of them is a winner.

The only problem I have is time.  These games are so complex and massive that they take an age to load from the disc and then you have to sit through a mini-blockbuster film as the intro sequence that last seemingly forever.

Still, I can think of far worse things to get through and it means I didn't get to play all the new games.  By reckoning, I am only a third of the way through and hope to see the lot before the weekend is out.

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