Sunday, 16 July 2017

Keep on Going

I'm not the biggest fan of Australia but they get it right when it comes to dealing with the problem of cigarettes.  Tax the snot out of them.

I've just been reading last year's report (only realised it was September 2016 part way through) on how much a pack of fags costs and it's quite eye watering.

A packet of cigarettes in the country will cost $40 (£23) by 2020, after new legislation was cleared in the Australian parliament yesterday (14 September).
The levy on cigarettes will rise by 12.5 per cent over four years, increasing the price by more than 50 per cent and raising an estimated $4.7 billion (£3.5 billion) in the process.
The price of 25 cigarettes in the country currently stands at the equivalent of between £13-15, compared with an average pack of 20 costing around £8 in the UK. 
I'm guessing that the UK must be close to a tenner a pack nowadays so I wonder how much it will be Down Under now?  It can't ever be too much.

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