Thursday, 20 July 2017


Wifey's mobile was ringing (I didn't even hear it and I was in the same room) and she looked at the number saying it was a call from Italy.  Usually with strange or unrecognised number they instantly get shut down but I suggested it could be Alitalia as I had chased them up over our cancelled* flights.

So she picked up and it was.

A number of "that is correct" and a "grazie mille" had wifey beaming as she put down the phone.  Turns out they had agreed to a full refund and the monies will be re-credited to our card in the next five working days.

Never thought we would get a cent, let alone the full monty.  Well chuffed.

*Clever wifey- she picked up on the fact they had cancelled our flights and not merely changed the take off time.  She's well sharp.

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