Thursday, 27 July 2017

Friend or Foe

Wifey had picked up some aerosol tins of paint for her staircase she is currently constructing but we had left our rucksack at home and had to bring back our shopping in plastic carrier bags.

I was stopped as I entered the BTS station by a lady guard and she pointed to one of the tins.  I took it out wondering what the fuss was about until she pointed to a prominent list of banned goods one is not permitted to take on the Skytrain.

I was quite taken aback as we have transported similar items many times before but she was adamant to the point of getting a second chap out of the office to confirm her decision.  Reluctantly we had to give up the spray paint (it had a hazardous/explosive warning triangle on the tin) but it made me wonder how we had been able to get through on the numerous occasions before without problem.

Since the Wat bombing all bags and rucksacks are checked at every station but never before have we had a problem like this and furthermore, why was that one tin confiscated and not the other two in the same bag?

Inconvenient and a waste of money it may have been yet I can understand the lady was simply doing her job.  I just wish I had been so rational at the time as I was more than a little exasperated with her.  At least now we know and we'll have to pack it a bit better next time.

Or get a cab.

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