Friday, 14 July 2017

Drip, Drip, Drip

Reporting our leaking tap was not the biggest problem at the end as fortunately one of the ladies at Reception spoke some English and a passing engineer popped upstairs with me instantly.

He saw the dripping and made it quite clear the whole tap assembly would need replacing - as predicted.  He had it off in a jiffy and handed it to me suggesting "Lotus".

I duly wandered off to find Tesco-Lotus did stock some taps but not the kind we needed and walked on further to Big C, who had a larger range; but still not the correct mixer style.

Our assembly is an odd one with two taps for controlling both hot and cold water and a gizmo to raise and lower the plug hole.  More puzzlingly (read annoying) is that it has the tubes that screw onto the water mains directly plumbed into the tap housing which is ridiculous as you cannot access any washers at that end.

I then reckoned maybe the leak was down to the washers at the inlet end and found a spare we had knocking around which we replaced.  Calling the chap back resulted in the sad discovery that all was still not well and the only option we now had was to find a replacement unit.

I headed into town to the local DIY centre which had hundreds of taps yet none even close to our model.  However, all the mixer taps were upwards of THB 2 500, over fifty quid.

To solve our problem we felt it was best to get our landlady involved and we have duly apprised her of our situation.  In the short term we closed off the mains to stop the water dripping and are content to use the kitchen sink until we hear from her.

I wasted over half a day on a wild goose chase (domestic duck dawdle?) and so far our landlady has not replied to our email.

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