Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Dismally Way Out of Touch

The man who recommended a third runway at Heathrow says charging people who drive to the airport £15 or more would be a “popular” move.   Sir Howard Davies, whose Airport Commission urged expansion at Britain’s busiest airport said:

“When we looked at this, congestion charging to the airport was something that people regarded as pretty extreme. But I think now the congestion charge is hardly controversial in London any more.  The idea that you should have to pay £10 or £15 if you really want to drive to the airport and maybe you pay more if you are in a diesel car — I think that is a perfectly politically acceptable thing. Indeed I think it would be popular.”


Yet back in the real world the shit hit the fan...

Twitter poll conducted over the weekend roundly rejected the idea by almost eight to one.  Of those who expressed a preference, 88% disagreed with the proposal, with only 12% in favour.  The option “don’t know/care” was chosen by 22%.

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