Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Bit of a Rush

We're stating to notice the lack of time we have left before we fly off (a fortnight today) and the amount of stuff we have to do before we go.  It means that it's likely we won't be on the Blog so much, I'm afraid.

Posting will be patchy until we land back in Izola as wi-fi is rare in Germany, neither my cousins, aunts or family friends have it at home and usually one has to pay extra when lodging in guest houses.  I simply refuse to pay as it doesn't cost the hotel any more to provide it.

It matters not, as we will be back on-line full time once we're in Slovenia and we'll catch up there.

In the meantime we shall make the most of our ISP here in Bangers in between panicking about packing, arranging transfers, looking for places to stay alone the Rhine, last minute shopping and stuffing in as many Chang as we can.  Should be fun.

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