Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bad Mood

I rarely lose my temper as there is nowt to get steamed up over here.  Constant brilliant sunshine, delightful people, super food; the plus list is endless.  Yet yesterday after a fun trip into town I was nearly close to getting the right raving hump.  And it didn't involve the XBox.

avast! reminded me that I had to update its latest anti-virus settings which I dutifully did while gritting my teeth as I know it would require re-booting once installed.  As predicted it told me restart and I lost two whole fucking hours trying to get the laptop to run properly again.

Blank screens, missing programs, slow loading, unavailable web pages, no wi-fi connection- I had the whole shooting match and was close to heaving the poxy 'pooter off the balcony.  The only reason that didn't happen was that we keep the lappie locked up via a security cable.

Even wifey realised I was not in the best of moods and quickly retired to the pool to keep out of the way.

Two hours later I managed to get it back to "normal" but I kept well away from it until this morning.  I am so thankful things seem to be running well.

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