Friday, 30 June 2017

The Mummy Series

Sometimes you just fancy a film (or series of films) that you've seen before but fancy a re-watch as it is lazy, comfortable and you know what you're getting.

The first is simply brilliant, the second is marred by some little twat of a son and weak story but the third?  Oh dear, what a turd that is.  The son has grown up to be even more of a wanker, Brendan Fraser just shouts about like a typical blow hard Yank, and Rachel Weisz is replaced by another actress and no one seems to even notice.

John Hannah is about the only reasonable one there, making it clearly obvious why- he wanted to trouser some pension money.  God, even Jet Li makes a cameo and then leaves it to a CGI clay version of himself to complete 9/10ths of the movie.

Quite shocking.

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