Monday, 5 June 2017

Speaking of Which

I find booting up the X Box 360 to be a little concerting as to begin, you only get a black screen and nowt else for several seconds.  The pause from blank to logo also seems to vary and occasionally it doesn't want to kick in at all (so I do the IT challenge of switching off and then on again).

Eventually I traced the problem- it's our TV, well the landlady's as it came with the condo.  I was aware that only one HDMI socket was working but now it seems the other only wants to play intermittently.

Obviously that's no good so we'll be out later today to buy a new television.  Yes, I am sure the landlady will replace it if we contact her but that will take time and it won't be anywhere near as good a TV as we'd like, so we'll just sort it out ourselves.

Tesco-Lotus, by coincidence have a 40% sale on some of their TVs and I reckon I can pick up a bargain for under £250.  Can't wait to see how Tomb Raider looks on a newer flat screen.

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