Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Power Plonker

By way of double C & H as the kick off to today's offerings, you will have deduced that we were off air yesterday and may also be tempted to surmise the absence was alcohol related.

Unbelievably, it wasn't.

We had a power cut which is not unusual but the manner in which it was returned was.  After a lengthy wait, the fridge and microwave came back on which led us to deduce they were phasing the electricity back in.  Both units run off a separate circuit.

A couple of hot hours later, we noticed the lights were also working.  This was through sheer fluke as it was simply a matter of habit, reaching for the light switch before entering the bathroom, which is windowless.  On a roll, we tried the air con and that too worked and so we had all the essentials, a microwave for hot food, a fridge to keep cold drink, lights and air conditioning.

Even later still, wifey piped up.

"Have you checked the fuse box?" she wondered in this age of equality.

I did as bade to find one had tripped and as soon as the lever was returned, we had all the creamy power we needed, including our router kicking in returning wi-fi, Kodi boxes springing to life and the TVs all ready to use.

I have no idea how long we could have had all these luxuries for but we have never had our electricity come on like that before, where it had actually tripped the fuse.  We'll know better for next time.

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