Sunday, 11 June 2017

New Toy

Francois asked me if i was free on Saturday, around 16:00 and after consulting my diary, it transpired I was.  He wondered if I would come along to have a look at a bike he was going to hire for a month or two.

Me, look at bikes?  Not half.

His girlfriend, Khun On, picked me up and we drove across town to get to the bike hire place.  It took far longer than expected due to typical Bangkok traffic but we had good sounds in the car and the conversation was as good as always.

As we limped along, the skies darkened and it began to rain and then it threw it down.  It was still raining as we arrived, some hour or so later and I have to admit, I wouldn't have fancied riding back in the deluge and in the dark.  Mind you, I was only wearing flappers and shorts and had a hang over from Hell.

Anyway, the guys (Emma's Bikes) had quite a range but F was intent on getting a Yamaha R 15 which is one of the best "learner" bikes around.  It's a full sized, mini race rep and even skipping around the sodden car park it was a laugh a minute.

He signed up and a short while later he was following the car back to the flat- another hour or so in the teeming traffic.

I don't reckon Khun On will be seeing much of her boyfriend today, he's going to be out and about on his latest best friend.

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