Thursday, 22 June 2017

More Flavours Than the UN

Our group of "regulars" is quite a mixed bunch in both nationality and background.

We have, in no particular order, an Australian finance expert and a South African teacher who is now beginning a career in the same field working with him, an ex Finnish international football player, a Thai TV celebrity singer, an Irish political party member, a couple of English, ex-military guys, a Kiwi aeronautical engineer, a rather dour but knowledgeable German chap and an American guy who I swear is doing a "leaving Las Vegas".

Of course there are several more regulars but the above mentioned chaps will offer hugely entertaining conversation, aren't afraid of a few beers (nor to take an opposing view on things) and will keep you occupied all night long- or longer if the urge takes you.

At my age the urge rarely does so I content myself with an early start/early finish which works well for me and gives you all some time off the Blog the following day.

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