Saturday, 3 June 2017

Guilt Run

There is a minor downside to getting to know the local businesses and people who you shop with.  You almost feel obliged in buying something every time you see them and it dawned on us that the three most frequented places we go to, we have someone like that.

On our way to Tesco-Lotus/On Nut BTS/the Corner we now have our fruit lady, on our way to Big C (another huge Thai supermarket) we have our OJ lady (she hand presses the sweetest orange juice and we always take three large bottles for THB 100) and finally, at the Corner bar, we have our pizza guy and I always try to help him out with a THB 200 order to go.

Potentially we stand to lose THB 340 (~£8) every time we leave the condo.  😀

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