Thursday, 1 June 2017

Good Call

The fate of The Arse only interests me for one reason and that is "will we finish above them" in the league?  As it rarely happens, it doesn't occupy much of my time but I am really quite chuffed Whenger is staying on.

Not that was ever going to be a doubt. I just couldn't work out why the decision was dragged out for so long nor why there was so much speculation.  Not only are there no other suitable replacements, did anyone think Whenger was ever going to walk away form his golden goose?

The reason I am so happy at him signing up for another two years (at least) is that it has pissed off so many Gooner "fans" who are positively apoplectic with rage.

How dare he continue when he has been so rubbish in his twenty years in charge.  What's he ever done for the club?

Fucking love it.

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