Saturday, 3 June 2017

Fresh Fruit

It should come as no surprise that I strive to be lazy and do as little as possible while I continue to breathe oxygen on this planet.  And that could be curtailed if that orange organ continues to go against science and common sense on his one man crusade to destroy this world, but I digress.

Hence my love of buying fruit already prepared to eat, straight out of the bag. We have a super little stall that is situated outside of Tesco-Lotus and offers us peeled and chopped honey dew melon, pineapple, jack fruit, water melon and plenty more on top, where every batch costs a meagre THB 20.

Unfortunately, the lady that runs the stall and we've got to know has not been there for the past fortnight and we thought we had lost her.  However, through some small god fortune, she has resurrected her business in the next road to ours, next to the forthcoming new 7/11.

We are so lucky.

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