Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Frankfurt to Ljubljana

Wifey has been busy and is looking at options for our trip to Europe.  We land in Koln and need to be in Frankfurt a few days later and then we have to to Slovenia.  We have a little time and so will take the train all the way to Ljubljana which we have done before and is more relaxing than you can imagine.

The eight hour trip had two options; one direct the other with one transfer in Munchen.  They only allowed 10 minutes for that so we felt it prudent to go direct and pay the extra 10€ a head.  Then an offer popped up we couldn't decline.  For another 10€ we could upgrade to first class.

All in, with insurance, it's costing us about £110 to get from Frankfurt to Slovenia's capital, first class and without needing to change.  Flights would be at least double that and not that much quicker considering transfers to and from airports and the hours of security checks.

Very happy with that result.

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