Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Erm, How?

Team Eng-er-land striker Jermain Defoe says the squad's visit to a Royal Marines boot camp could help the players cope with the emotion of penalty shootouts.  He guffed that having his team-mates watching him complete the "sheep dip" was a "pressure moment".

"It's the sort of pressure when you're in a penalty shootout and the lads are waiting for you to step up.  Going forward it helps you, brings you closer together. You know you've got your team-mates who will help you."
WTF?  How is getting dunked anywhere near the same situation of a tense and nerve-racking penalty shoot out at a major football final?  I just don't understand nor do I see any reasoning from him either.

Ho hum, back to the farm then.


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