Thursday, 1 June 2017


You'll have noticed a lack of input yesterday and the reason for that is two fold.  Firstly, it was a late night at the Corner and the head was a tad fragile and secondly, I spent most of the day setting up the newly acquired X Box 360 (with kinetic whatsit).

I couldn't be more chuffed as I have been after a games console for quite some time now and couldn't decide which one.  With Mark selling his to me, it took all the hard work out of the decision and saved me a bogful of cash at the same time.

It comes with two wireless controllers (and the hands free, motion sensor doobie) and a load of games, including Tomb Raider which is quite breathtaking to play, compared to my last Mega Drive version.

All I need to do is pick up MotoGP game and a few other genres which is easy as, as this will also play copy games costing just a couple of quid a pop.

Extremely chuffed and the main reason I will have even less time on my hands than usual.

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