Thursday, 22 June 2017

Contract Killer

Ryan recently put up an open invitation for a financial seminar he was hosting on the website and it attracted a lot of interest.  Too much in fact, as one of the responses was from a guy who claimed to be a swimming instructor and invited people up to his room (?) in very poor English.

This in itself received a lot of response, mainly from young people who claimed he was a sexual pest and had tried to impose himself on some vulnerable people.

R kindly invited the paedo to go forth etc, which in return spiralled and the upshot is that R now has a THB 10 000 bounty on his head as the chap is rather peeved at the "groundless accusation".

This had to be one of the funniest stories of Tuesday night because I don't think the guy has ever seen or met R before.  He is fucking enormous, does both martial arts and boxing and would happily go toe to toe with him.  Unfortunately, his company's legal team have advised him to leave the matter with them.

Shame, if it had been THB 20 000, I might have considered shopping our R as I know exactly where he lives...  😁

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