Friday, 16 June 2017

Bon Voyage

Through more fluke than pre-planning I managed to see both Mark and Vince off as they are both off to pastures anew.  As you can imagine this was not without casualties and Mark and I ended up a little worse for wear.

He went home a bit earlier and managed to leave his spinners behind, which were presents for his nieces and nephews back in South Africa where he was flying back to before beginning his new job in Kazakhstan.

I took them home with the intention of dropping them around to his place before he flew out but unfortunately I felt rough as hell the next day (hence the absence from the Blog yesterday) and had completely forgotten about them.

Luckily, Mark got in touch and we arranged to meet before he took off in his taxi but I couldn't believe he was back at the bar and on the beer.

Smashing night out, thanks for the Changover and safe flights.  We'll meet up again at some point in some country and further beer will be involved.

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