Sunday, 11 June 2017

Absence due to Alcohol

Friday night out led us to Soi 81, which is confusingly directly opposite our road, #52.  Yeah, the Thai numbering system is quite bewildering and there is no set pattern or reasoning, aside from even numbered sois (roads) are on our side of the great Sukhumvit Road and odds are on the other side.

Anyway, it's another nigh market which we have used a couple of times before and it made a change.  They offer a large choice of food, live music and there is always a special offer on buckets of beer.

A super evening was then continued back at the Corner as Milo was on an open pass and so he and I batted on, ended up getting well and truly Spannered, a cocktail we invented a while ago.

Image result for Manoa soda

Take three shots of vodka, add fresh lime juice and top with Manoa soda.  It tastes great, has barely any volume and can be sipped over time.  Or slammed down depending on the situation.

Anyhoo, three of those and it was closing time (literally and figuratively).  I didn't wake up until gone ten the next morning...

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