Saturday, 24 June 2017

1970s Revisited

Why are people embarrassed to order a prawn cocktail?  Or even to admitting to liking them?  I have never been ashamed of this and will happily make my own which we had yesterday and it was lush.

The secret is to have not overly large prawns as they don't have as much flavour and to making the 1 000 island dressing with a pot of yoghurt as well as the usual mayo and ketchup.  It makes it lighter and more sour, which when combined with Worcester and Tabasco sauces makes it sing.

The other tip?  Leave the prawns to marinade in fish sauce over night.

Try those ideas and tell me again a prawn cocktail (which should include fresh diced onion, gherkins and olives) is old fashioned or boring.

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