Monday, 15 May 2017

Tough Crowd

I like to think I am open to critique on pretty much anything as I am pretty flawed and our Blog is no exception.  Despite popular belief that we have little or no readers, I am still able to find people who not only browse these pages but also have constructive advice on how to improve our meagre offerings.

I can count on at least three fingers kind souls who have insisted I blather on too much or concentrate on football, or I am not funny or the contents are boring.  They all have a point (read the small print) and when I hear of their concerns I endeavour to listen and then act.

Tommy recently suggested any and all of the above (memory is murky due to alcoholic intake) and so I respond by pledging I will attempt to make the Blog a little more user friendly by:

  • being as funny as fuck
  • not banging on 
  • ignoring anything to do with football
  • posting less
With the exception of the final point (see yesterday's content...) I will also promptly ignore my pledges as it is my Blog and I can post exactly as I please.  ­čśç

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