Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Super End to the Season

What a delightful way to sign off the season, the best Spurs have had in about 50 years.  A thumping 1 - 7 away win at Hull and good old Harry copping for the Golden Boot award too.

I'll be making the most of this as I can't see us doing anywhere near as well as we'll be at home at Wembley, but for the moment, COYS!

1 Chelsea38303585335293
Won against Sunderland
2 Spurs38268486266086
Won against Hull
3 Man City38239680394178
Won against Watford
4 Liverpool382210678423676
Won against Middlesbrough
5 Arsenal38236977443375
Won against Everton
6 Man Utd381815554292569
Won against C Palace
7 Everton3817101162441861
Lost to Arsenal
8 Southampton381210164148-746
Lost to Stoke
9 AFC Bournemouth381210165567-1246
Drew with Leicester
10 West Brom38129174351-845
Lost to Swansea
11 West Ham38129174764-1745
Won against Burnley
12 Leicester38128184863-1544
Drew with AFC Bournemouth
13 Stoke381111164156-1544
Won against Southampton
14 C Palace38125215063-1341
Lost to Man Utd
15 Swansea38125214570-2541
Won against West Brom
16 Burnley38117203955-1640
Lost to West Ham
17 Watford38117204068-2840
Lost to Man City
18 Hull3897223780-4334
Lost to Spurs
19 Middlesbrough38513202753-2628
Lost to Liverpool
20 Sunderland3866262969-4024
Lost to Chelsea

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