Monday, 8 May 2017

So Enjoyable

We've watched "New Tricks" off and on over the years but towards the end not only were they running out of ideas but the regular cast were getting irritating and they were resorting to slap-stick buffoonery which is a major peeve of mine.

We have picked it up again recently to find a couple of new faces in Denis Lawson and Nicholas Lyndhurst (and soon to join Tamzin Outhwaite to take over from Amanda Redfman) and it is bloody miles better.

Decent stories, much better acting and a fresh, new direction.  Now we just need to get shot of Waterman (next series I hear) and all should be well again.  He has fast become nowt more than a one dimensional shouty, grumpy bore who irritates at first sight.  And as for his singing...

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