Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Shearer is Right

I am getting to like Shearer more and more on MotD and completely agree when he questioned the integrity of the planned Terry substitution on 26 minutes- to coincide with is shirt number.  He said:

"It was done with good intentions but I don't think anything should be done that could undermine the integrity of the game."

Then Sunderland boss David Moyes, now resigned,  said his side agreed to put the ball out to allow the substitution.

It's not just the integrity of the match that I question but also the effect it has on the bets laid on the game.  It has cost the bookmakers thousands of pounds with one punter sticking £100 at odds of 100 - 1.

It's a stretch, but isn't this a form of match fixing where the intent is to win money and not influence the result?  Either way, I didn't like it, particularly as I think Terry is a racist tosser and well over rated as a player.

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