Monday, 15 May 2017


We had a bit of a "duvet day" yesterday following Mark's impromptu birthday celebration at the Kiwi.  Kick off was scheduled for 17:00 but as ever, things never work out as you plan them (particularly as it was all a bit last minute anyway) and we had our first beer at just gone 15:00.

We had a smashing time sitting outside in the fresh air and fans and before we knew it, the time was approaching 19:00 and we had to wobble back to our local to meet up with James and Senay.

We had forewarned them we could be arriving a little tipsy and we didn't disappoint having taken care of five pints of Tiger already, but we did have a right laugh and carried on until midnight.

No idea how many more were added to the beer tally but I would be unsurprised had we not reached double figures, judging by the vague recollection of the final bill. Or lack of folding in the pocket the next morning.

Suffice to say, reaching 50 + has not dampened our desire to down the drafts, it's just our recovery time now reaches into double days and not hours.

Isn't it fun getting older?

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