Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Oz Abs

Not about the Aboriginals nor indeed about abdominals, rather abbreviations (diminutives) which our Australian cousins so much like to employ in an attempt to come across as laid back, wacky or even "cool".

I've long laughed at Socceroos, indeed seriously pissed myself at this childish moniker for the national football team (besides, as we all know it's called football- soccer is what wife beaters do) and chortled even harder at their Hockeyroos (go on, have a guess what sport this lot play) but there are so many more examples of puerile banality to brighten up your day.  In fact, I'll post some up shortly.

And this got me thinking on budgie smugglers.  And how it makes no sense whatsoever.

The term refers to "Speedos", the slim "Y" front style of swimming trunks some prefer to wear whilst bathing as opposed to Bermuda shorts; in fact banned from French swimming pools as unhygienic (the shorts, not the Speedos) which are apparently more appealing to the general public for some reason.

Assuming the budgies to refer to bollocks (somehow the "dog's budgies" just doesn't sound quite right) I don't see how a tight pair of trunks is in anyway capable of any kind of smuggling.  Let's face it, your Tent Pole Tudor is quite obviously on display for all and sundry to see.

So it just doesn't make sense.

Nor I suppose does this post until I mention that I bought a pair of "adidos" [sic] in the half price sale yesterday.  Aye, 52 and still sporting trunks and not shorts.

Just think all of that simply to say I have new swimwear...

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